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15 Jan 2018

Short on time for full week training split? Or simply want to change the intensity of your workouts.
Why not try out this all over body workout by using super sets.

Back squats
Leg press
4 sets 12-20 repetitions 

Dumbbell press
Chest fly/ Dumbbell fly
3-4 sets 12-2...

2 Jan 2018

Check In for Chicken 

This month we are challenging our Leodis Gym members in Leeds to check in every time your training down at Leodis this month whether it's via Facebok, Instagram or Twitter, or all of our social media sites for extra bonus points.

Whoever c...

20 Dec 2017

We boast some of the best personal trainers in Leeds here at Leodis Gym.

Trainers who are not only investing in their education to provide clients with the best information, advanced techniques in physique transformations and sports performance but also have been there...

5 Dec 2017

20 Day Gym Challenge Advent Calendar

This month's challenge is to complete as many kettlebell swings over the 20 days leading up to Christmas as you can and the person with the most swings in 20 days will win the gym challenge.

How to do the perfect Kettlebell Swing...

23 Nov 2017

There seems to be a new diet for everyday day of the year nowadays.
Here's 5 of the more commonly known and their pros and cons

1. The Whole 30 Program
This diet is to eat whole organic foods for 30 days, cutting out the foods such as sugars, grains, dairy, alcohol, etc...

7 Nov 2017

Bench Your Body Weight!!!

This month at Leodis Gym in Leeds we are challenging our members to bench their own body weight.


*Weigh in for your exact weight (females bench half body weight)

*As many warm up sets as you like

*One set as many reps as possible


13 Oct 2017

Riboflavin (B2) and Niacin (B3) are crucial in optimal energy production here are some of the facts and foods to find them.

Without B2 our bodies would not be able to correctly release energy from carbohydrates. 
Foods containing vitamin B2.
* Milk
* Almon...

5 Oct 2017

The Barbell squat is the premier leg exercise. It is perfect for building big strong legs. You squat down and stand back up. Simple. Best way to train legs period.
But on the other hand many squatting records have been set from box squatting stance. 
So why?

Box squat...

22 Sep 2017

6 x Mr. Olympia's diet strategy for building lean muscle.

For all you avid bodybuilders or bb fans, we have gone bread and butter old school plain and simple back to basics.

Meal 1: 1 cup oats, 10 egg whites and a scoop of whey protein.

Meal 2: Meal replacement shake


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