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30 Jun 2017

Facts on Eggs

Nobody has ever doubted that eggs are key in an athletes daily nutrition.

It's widely agreed because of the variety of amino acids in eggs and they are natures most perfect protein source.

The protein contained in eggs are almost 100% digestible and absor...

25 Jun 2017

Here at Leodis Gym, we like giving back to our members, so each week we will be giving a shoutout to a member, who has either been working hard, competing or looks amazing. This week we are giving our shoutout to Jason Aiken - Here is what he had to say about the NABBA...

23 Jun 2017

5 of the most Popular diets. Are they good or bad? The pros and cons....

There seems to be a new diet for everyday day of the year nowadays. Here's 5 of the more commonly known and their pros and cons.

1. The Whole30 Program

This diet is to each whole organic foods for 3...

5 Jun 2017

It sounds contradictory but certain dietary fats can actually help you lose body fat.
Fats and cholesterol are important for key hormones such as thyroid, oestrogen and testosterone.
It is also needed for absorbing certain vitamins and minerals too such as (A,D,E and K...

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