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This variety of exercises will target your entire core and leave you in a pile of sweat. Play your favorite pump up music to keep up your tempo and make time fly.

If you’re interested in shredding your abs and developing a strong core, this non-stop workout is the one for you. This requires no equipment (except a stopwatch or phone), all you need is a ground of some kind. It can really be done anywhere. This is to be done with no rest in between. That means it’s going to be really tough. If you need to break in betweeen, you can.

Pair up the exercises.

1. Leg Raises & 2. Russian Twists

2-3 sets 12-20 repetition


3. Swiss Ball Crunch & 4. V-Sit

2-3 sets 12-20 repetitions

5. Plank & 6. Decline Sit Ups

2-3 sets 12-20 repetitions

Do this three times a week & you'll have them ripped abs in no time!

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