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September Leodis Gym Challenge

This Months Leodis Gym Challenge is the 1 Rep Max Deadlift.

We want to know who has the biggest deadlift at Leodis Gym in Leeds, so fire those legs up and get involved.


  • As many warm up sets as you want

  • Straps, Chalks or Bare hand grip all ok

  • No dropping from the top

  • Must be a clean lift (No Hitching)

  • One attempt per person – No repeat lifts

  • Sumo or Regular stance (Your preference)

  • Member of staff must be present to verify

Our overall winner will receive a 5kg lean fresh meat pack kindly donated by Malcolm Michaels Quality Butchers Ltd who are based in Leeds City Centre Market.

Congratulations to our August challenge winner Sam Hewitt who held a plank for 7 minutes & 20 seconds with the longest time.

Good Luck

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