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Over 6 Stone Weight Loss

This is Nathan Woodley one of my online clients and now good friend who I am extremely proud of with only one years progress from 21.12 stone to 14.9

I am Carl Stannard one of the personal trainers here at Leodis Gym in Leeds.

Nathan decided after seeing last years holiday pictures that he had to make a change and came to me for help. With weekly check ins and a manageable food plan these are the results.

After years struggling with weight and eating Nathan has changed his life. All been done with regular contact through texts, check ins and weigh ins.

I met Nathan just before he went on holiday in June of this year to take his final picture an his results are just amazing.

I am taking on more online clients and also personal training clients here at Leodis Gym in Leeds.

Anyone interested in changing your lifestyle like Nathan has then please get in touch, if you flip over to the personal training page here on Leodis Gym website, where you can contact me directly through the Facebook link.

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