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December Leodis Gym Challenge

20 Day Gym Challenge Advent Calendar

This month's challenge is to complete as many kettlebell swings over the 20 days leading up to Christmas as you can and the person with the most swings in 20 days will win the gym challenge.

How to do the perfect Kettlebell Swing...

1. Stand tall, still gripping the kettlebell. Keep arms long and loose while squeezing shoulders blades together and engaging your core. Soften knees, shift body weight into heels, and lower butt back and down behind you. 2. Driving through heels, explode through hips to send weight swinging upward from quads. Aim for chest height, with arms extended. Achieving this finish position requires you to snap your hips through, contracting your core while squeezing glutes. 3. As the kettlebell begins to descend, let the weight do the work as you ready your body for the next rep. Shift weight back into heels while hinging at the hips and loading both the hamstrings and glutes. Receive the weight, allowing the kettlebell to ride back between legs.


* Men 20kg Kettlebell and Woman 16kg Kettlebell

* Only one set per day

* Can do a set everyday for 20 days

* No half reps, kettlebell to swing up to shoulder height

* Member of staff to verify swings

* Most reps over the 20 days wins

Who is gonna challenge themselves up to Christmas???

Our overall winner will receive a 5kg lean meat pack kindly donated by Malcolm Michaels Quality Butchers Ltd who are based in Leeds City Centre Market.

Give their Facebook page a like to keep udated on the latest deals

Congratulations to our November Leodis Gym Challenge Winner Craig Topley who benched 35 reps at his body weight of 98kg, what a result!!!

Good Luck to everyone this month


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