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Leodis Gym was formed in 2013 when Stuart Garrington, owner of Ebor Fitness in York, purchased Power Gyms and rebranded into Leodis. 


Stuart has been a competitive bodybuilder since 2001 and his career has seen victories at the Britain and World championships and in 2013 he won the prestigious Mr Universe title claiming his pro card in the process. 

If you are serious about building muscle, burning fat, getting stronger or improving performance then we are the gym for you. You can join the Leodis family, which includes world class bodybuilders, physique athletes, power lifters, boxers, MMA fighters and rugby players. We are a real gym that gets real results and if you have a goal you're looking to achieve, no matter how big or small you are in the right environment to achieve it at Leodis. 


We have very high standards and are constantly reinvesting in the gym to make sure we provide our members with the highest quality equipment and facilities. 


We also boast some of the best personal trainers in Leeds, who provide clients with the best information and advanced techniques in physique transformations and sports performance. They've been there and done it themselves, and their experience will provide you with faster and better results. 


Last but not least you will always be greeted with a smile by our staff who will be happy to assist you in anyway they can. We appreciate each and every one of our members and will do whatever we can to help you get the results you want.



MONDAY 06:00-22:00

TUESDAY 06:00- 22:00

WEDNESDAY 06:00-22:00

THURSDAY 06:00- 22:00

FRIDAY 06:00-22:00

SATURDAY 06:00-18:00

SUNDAY 06:00-18:00


Leodis Gym opens its doors 364 days of the year, by only closing on Christmas Day.

We as a gym of serious trainers understand the importance of being consistent with our training all year round and being able to open when most other gyms may be closed to provide our members with an exceptional overall package. 

2020 Bank Holiday and Christmas Opening Hours


      31st August         Bank Holiday             8am - 4pm

      24th December   Christmas Eve           6am – 2pm

      25th December   Christmas Day           Closed

      26th December   Boxing Day                10am – 2pm

      31st December   New Year’s Eve          6am – 2pm

      1st January 21    New Year’s Day         10am – 2pm



Normal opening hours all other dates

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