Stuart GarRington

Very limited 1 on 1 personal training and coaching is available with me on certain days at Leodis. I’m the owner of Leodis Gym and a winner of the Mr Universe, Mr World and Mr Britain bodybuilding titles. My programmes get results, it’s as simple as that, they are not just for elite athletes they are for anyone with the right attitude and the right work ethic as I do only work with clients that I feel are really ready to change and prepared to fully commit to my programmes.

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As a mother of two I originally decided to lose weight. After realising the possibilities I decided to motivate and immerse myself totally in the health and fitness industry with spectacular results within just in 2 years. Due to a total body transformation I decided to enter as a competitor in body-fitness category. I can now offer you a bespoke plan for weight loss, muscle tone and development along with a personalised nutrition guidance suited to your life style to make you achieve your goals and ambitions.



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I'm currently serving as a physical trainer for Military Personnel, however I love to work 1 on 1 with men and women to provide structured, disciplined and enjoyable training sessions tailored to how you want to feel and look.

I massively believe that life is for living, I love training for myself and challenging my body to see what limits it will go to, and I believe that also rubs off on my client's short and long-term goals as that is also as important to me.

It is simple, if you work hard and want it bad enough you will get the results you desire and having someone like myself who lives for it & putting you through it at the same time it's inevitable what the outcome will be gains, good health and well-being and you will reach your goals.

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Andy is offering 1-2-1 and small groups of two people along with online training. 
If your focus is on building power and strength, learning good technique then Andy is your guy, so please feel free to contact him for a free consultation to discuss how he can help you take your strength training to the next level. 


Andy Bolton was the first man to Deadlift 1000lbs/455kg
He Squatted 1214lbs/550.5kg
7 x World Champion
Arnold Classic winner 2007
Guinness World Record holder
48 Deadlifts over 900lbs/410kg

 By far one of the strongest powerlifters that ever lived so what are you waiting for?



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