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Stuart GarRington

Very limited 1 on 1 personal training and coaching is available with me on certain days at Leodis. I’m the owner of Leodis Gym and a winner of the Mr Universe, Mr World and Mr Britain bodybuilding titles.


My programmes get results, it’s as simple as that, they are not just for elite athletes they are for anyone with the right attitude and the right work ethic as I do only work with clients that I feel are really ready to change and prepared to fully commit to my programmes.

T: 07565 566556



I am a fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer and a competitive bodybuilder with a passion and love for bodybuilding and fitness. I have over 5 years of experience and I’m a junior bodybuilding champion. I’ve won Nabba Mr Universe, Mr Britain and Mr United Kingdom. 


As a personal trainer and online coach I’m aiming to not only provide you with a successful body transformation, but to transform and impact your life for better with health and fitness. I specialise in bodybuilding, resistance training, muscle building, fat loss, body toning and body transformations. My aim is to achieve your realistic transformation goals.


I will provide you with a plan tailored to you, with a diet guide, all contributing to your desired fitness goals. When I  take you on as a client , I guarantee progress, every step of the way until we achieve your goal.

T: 07704 529826

greg saunders

Fitness is a massive part of my life. I have always loved training and all the benefits it provides, both physically and mentally.

I have been a Personal Trainer for many years, and worked with a lot of clients both in person and online.

My clients have ranged from competitive sport, to post-op specific. But, my main client base is males aged between 25 and 45, predominantly with goals surrounding muscle development and fat loss.

I will always consider new clients, and I welcome any conversations about my services and how I could potentially help.

Please feel free to get in touch.


T: 07999 157592



I help women to get stronger and build self-confidence.


I fell in love with fitness when i lost more than 20kg, my life has literally changed since then, physically and mentally,developing a strong mindset and new habits.


I love helping people to create a healthy lifestyle and improve mental well-being with tailored programmes and constant support.

Feel free to get in touch with me:




Whatsapp: 07546771288


Fitness has always been a part of my life, but little did I know that the physique I desired wasn’t built by doing hours of cardio. It wasn’t until I hired a Coach and started resistance training that my body shape and mindset changed, and I fell in love with lifting weights and the process of becoming a better version of me. 


As a Personal Trainer and Online Coach, my mission is to help women over 30 burn fat, build muscle and gain confidence whilst ending the yo-yo diet cycle they have been on for years, if not decades. 


I worked as a Coach for 9 years in the weight loss industry supporting and guiding women to lose weight. 


I will provide you with a tailored exercise plan and nutrition guidance to ensure you make progress towards your goals with my continued support.  If you are ready to commit to the plan and do the work, I guarantee you will get results. I would love to hear from you if you think I could potentially help you.


07725 187318


Instagram @lynseymariecoach

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