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Facts on Eggs Nobody has ever doubted that eggs are key in an athletes daily nutrition.

It's widely agreed because of the variety of amino acids in eggs and they are natures most perfect protein source.

The protein contained in eggs are almost 100% digestible and absorbed by the body. To get the most out of your eggs is to eat a mixture of whites and whole eggs. As it is deemed that the yolks significantly higher your cholesterol, it is supposed to be advised that you limit your intake of eggs per day.

Simply removing the yolk removes the cholesterol problem. 1 whole egg contains 5g of fat, 6g protein whereas if you remove the yolk and just use the whites you still obtain 4g of protein per egg and no fats.

But I would advise to use some yolks within your dietary intake due to the important nutrients such as iron, riboflavin and even vitamins A,D & B12

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